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Akron AA has put together a great  general map of all the Akron sites.

Akron AA Historic Sites Map

Henrietta Seiberling’s home where Bob & Bill first met. Dr. Bob told his wife 15 minutes max. Dr. Bob and Bill W. talked for 6 hours! 

Seiberling  Gatehouse

“AA Group #1” met here after moving from Dr. Bob’s house on Ardmore Ave. Please respect the privacy of this elementary school.

King School

Currently The Law Building.

Dr. Bob's


The home of Dr. Bod and Anne Smith. Dr. Bob was a co-founder of A.A. and their home is a must see for alcoholics visiting Akron.

Dr. Bob's Home

The first alcoholic ward where Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia worked to help 5,000 alcoholics. Memorial in the chapel on the second floor.

St. Thomas


Akron Central Office has a great archives as well as the giant Man on the Bed stained glass window. Go visit!

Akron Central


Rev. Tunks was responsible for Bill calling Henrietta. The call came to his rectory at the corner of Casterton Ave. & Edgerton Rd (Private residence).

Rev. Tunk's


No longer a Hotel, this is the place Bill W. made that phone call that led to him meeting Dr. Bob which led to the birth of A.A.

Mayflower Hotel

Resting place of Dr. Bob & Anne Plot: Section 21, Lot 65, Grave 7

Mt. Peace


Bill D. (A.A. #3), Gravesite Plot: Section F, Lot 517, Grave 3.



The “Drunk Squad“ of the Oxford Group met here before moving to Dr. Bob’s home (Private residence).

T. Henry & Clarace Williams Home

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